About the


Capscale Group is a privately held consulting and investment holding company that cares deeply about the global economy and the jobs it creates at home. As a success-oriented developed company, its goal is to recognize opportunities and needs of tomorrow and to use existing resources. The company's goal is not short-term profit, but sustainable value growth.


The Capscale Group has earned a renowned reputation in the real estate industry - due to the strict standards by which we measure ourselves on a daily basis. Our compliance contains clearly defined rules which, in addition to adherence to all legal regulations, also guarantee respect for and active promotion of ethical values and conduct. We live Corporate Social Responsibility in our daily work and make a valuable contribution to society through our actions.


Business is done with people! Accordingly, people are our top priority and interpersonal values such as fairness and tolerance are practiced on a daily basis.

In the midst of global challenges, it is all the more important that the players in business, politics and society act responsibly and place the well-being of society as a whole all the more alongside their own progress.

Success always goes hand in hand with a certain degree of responsibility - the Capscale Group complies with this and actively promotes a corporate culture in which transparency, handshake quality and a sense of responsibility are developed and lived. Let's give something back - for a better future together!