Launch of Capscale Media

Capscale Group creates its own digital campaign platform

The best ideas don’t help if they aren’t heard. After the investment in the media agency Alps Digital, the Capscale Group is expanding its strategic portfolio with the campaign brand Capscale Media . The focus is on strategic consulting in PR & communication, image & branding, as well as in the implementation of digital campaigns.

“Especially in this day and age, it’s imperative that movements have a clear positioning in order to reach their target audience,” said the executive, “Capscale Media takes this strategic position and helps movements sharpen their positioning, develop their success campaign and ultimately implement it efficiently.”

The services of Capscale Media at a glance

Communications Consulting

In the field of communication consulting, Capscale Media develops individual PR & communication concepts and ensures branding with recognition through 360° image. The positioning is then successfully communicated to the outside world in the campaigns.

Digital campaigns

One of Capscale Media’s core competencies is its digital campaigns. The focus here is on 3 brand areas in particular:

Destination Campaigns

These campaigns focus on the idea of home – tourism is a central pillar of the Austrian economy, so it is correspondingly important to present Austria’s wonderful regions authentically online. Together with the client, visionary digital projects are realized here – with added value for the entire region.

Public Campaigns

Often it is the quietest voices that have very good ideas but go unnoticed. Capscale Media’s Public Campaigns create a mouthpiece that effectively communicates ideas to the outside world and creates awareness.

social campaigns

Whether NGOs, voluntary associations, or charitable neighbourhood projects – many movements put their heart and soul into improving social coexistence. In the Social Campaigns, Capscale Media helps to multiply the passionate engagement of the projects.

Contact and further information

To the Capscale Media website:

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