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The global economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will cause unemployment to rise abruptly to record levels and, according to expert forecasts, will result in a wave of insolvencies on an unparalleled scale.

Our concepts use existing resources, create jobs and ensure new investments in Austria in the long term. Austrian industry and trade are the focus of these investments:

Industry has a great history in Austria. Industry 4.0 is the goal. In our projects, we are making the transition into the digital age to create infrastructure that will further strengthen the industry in the long term.

Tourism is an important economic engine for our country in every season. We develop contemporary projects with future potential, which do justice to ecological responsibility and sustainably strengthen the regions.

Education is the pillar for the successful discourse of an empowered society and is largely responsible for the opportunities of the next generation. Capscale is committed to the sustainable promotion and expansion of educational opportunities in its educational projects.

Agriculture with its many small and medium-sized enterprises is, together with tourism, the backbone of the Austrian economy. We develop projects that strengthen Austrian agriculture regionally and increase its international competitiveness.

Almost every company can develop projects - but only a few actively shape the future. Capscale stands out because its projects are unique and future-oriented - combining proven concepts with disruptive opportunities.

Project structure

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