Participation: Alps Digital introduces itself

Participation in Alps Digital

With the foundation of its own subsidiary, the Capscale Group now has a new stake in Alps Digital Communications & Webservices GmbH.

Unbroken demand for digitization services

The demand for digital and web services has continued to grow even in the midst of the pandemic, making Alps Digital the Group’s new digital services flagship. Local businesses in particular have been hit hard by the restrictions of the pandemic and need an online platform through which they can continue to operate their existing business.

With its digital competencies,Alps Digital is ready to meet these challenges – in the following areas:

Specialties of Alps Digital

Web, Apps & Online Shops

Alps Digital helps in planning and setting up a programming environment that is easy to use on the client side. Furthermore, they offer SEO setup and on-page optimization, as well as data protection and DSGVO compliant tracking setup.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Digital campaigns are an important tool in modern communication. Alps Digital takes care of setting up, planning and optimising social media campaigns and carries out detailed target group analysis and optimisation. Subsequent data analysis will further improve the campaigns to better reach the target audience.

Graphic & Design, UI/UX Design

Apps, software, websites and digital products are as much a part of Alps Digital’s core services as UI/UX design, creating digital magazines and designing physical mailings and flyers.

We look forward to working with you in the future!

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